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Effective Collaborative Law in Toronto

With a proven track record of success, Collaborative Law is a viable and often preferable option to other forms of resolution. Collaborative Law is a family-focused, client-directed and out-of-court settlement process. This approach offers customized, constructive solutions and creates an environment rich with resolution possibilities.


Employs a holistic approach with an emphasis on the children.

Respects all parties' (children and parents) financial and emotional needs and concerns.

Occurs within a civil, safe environment based on a Participation Agreement that stipulates a respectful and non-adversarial code of conduct.

Places an emphasis on control: you and your spouse make final decisions together.

Engages a collaborative team that brings significant knowledge and guidance.

Involves lawyers who provide support, settlement advocacy and negotiation expertise.

Helps participants learn how to resolve conflict and communicate clearly at and away from the table.

Saves time and money: while there are more participants in this team-based model, each member is efficient and effective.

Avoids the extensive legal costs associated with the conflict-driven litigation model.

Reduces stress by resolving issues outside of court and avoiding an adversarial process.

The Collaborative Law Process

1. Consult a Collaborative Lawyer to assess whether this process is a viable option for you and your spouse.
If there is a history of family violence or dishonesty, or a notable lack of goodwill, the Collaborative process may not be appropriate. In this meeting, your lawyer will help you outline your goals and understand the procedure and fees.

2. Sign an Agreement of Conduct.
Participants work together toward the common goal of a fair resolution within an environment that promotes mutual respect and reduced conflict. Before beginning the process, you and your spouse will sign a Participation Agreement that outlines the rules of conduct, including respectful communication and full disclosure of relevant information.

3. Collect Financial Documents and Relevant Information.
A key component of the process is the transparent exchange of all financial and relevant information required to address the identified issues. During all negotiation meetings, you work with your spouse and the Collaborative team to set the agenda, schedule and tasks and to determine the “homework” between meetings.

4. Hire Supporting Professionals.
There are two broad categories of professionals who will support you in the process: i) financial professionals, including financial planners, accountants, business valuators and pension experts, and ii) family professionals, including parenting mediators, neutral facilitators and process coaches.

5. Collaborate.
The team made up of you, your spouse, your individual lawyers and any additional professionals will prioritize, communicate and work together to build a custom solution which includes a separation agreement and parenting plan.

6. Drafting of Legal Documents:
The lawyers involved draft a Separation Agreement and Parenting Plan based on what was agreed to through the process.

7. Signing of the Separation Agreement.
Once the agreement is signed, it becomes binding and enforceable by law.


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